Extracting Forceps English Pattern include Upper central and canines, Upper laterals and bicuspids & biscuspids,Upper incisors and canines,Lower incisors and canines, Upper primolars,Lower primolars,Lower primolars,Right upper molars, Left upper molars, Upper molars,Upper wisdoms, Lower wisdoms, Lower molars, Lower molars Hawk’s bills, Right lower molars, Left lower molars, Roots of upper incisors, Upper roots and incisors, Lower roots, Lower molars, Lower roots, Lower roots with long beak, Upper roots, Upper roots narrow beak, Upper roots and canines with wider beak, Upper teeth and resection, Separating upper molars roots,Separating lower molars roots, Lower molars Hawk’s bills, Lower incisors and roots, Lower premolars and canines, Upper roots narrow beak, Lower wisdoms,Cow horn beak, Right upper molars, Left upper molars, Lower molars broken-down, Upper central and roots, Lower central and roots, Universal pattern for lower teeth molars and premolars, Upper canines, Lower canines and premolars,Lower roots parallel beaks, Universal forceps for upper wisdoms, premolars and roots, Lower incisors, premolars and roots etc.

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