The title “Smith” as “Lohar” given to our ancestor by ‘Mughal Emperor’ when they start making smithing tools like Knives,Swords,Daggers , blades and sell them to Mughal of that era.
In 1823, after taking training from his ancestor, One of Smith Worker named Mr.Fazal Din returned to his hometown Sialkot, Pakistan, to start a knife-making industry that soon became the major craft of Sialkot. Mr.Fazal Din fine design and workmanship of table knives soon made his products desired in the finer homes of Pakistan.
Founder of M/S CFD.Mr. Amin, son of Mr.Fazal Din, learn the making of surgical instruments at that time. He too help his father to start this trade there. He promoted the modern surgical vast range of instrument and achieved the highest result. He also introduced small hand tool and tool kits. The knife makers who had been trained by his father were quick to enter this new field, and soon Sialkot was also known for its instrument industry.
His son, Asif Amin, born in 1954, learned the surgical instrument-making trade thoroughly from his father and added to his experience in order to design and manufacture of surgical instruments.
In 1980, He was the actual man who introduces “CFD” in the field of defense products and made Head office in Rawalpindi. He improved himself to have the good relationship with the defense organization and promote the business. He not only supply products to Defense Organization but start local trade of surgical and dental products in different hospitals of Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
In 1985,after getting success locally, He visited Germany to start export surgical items like surgical scissors,Forceps,Eye Instruments, Dental Instruments, Urethral Instruments, Midwifery instruments, Diagnostic Sets,Strelizers etc.
We may add that under the guidance of Mr.Asif Amin, CFD became the main supplier of various defense products and firm production has acclaimed as good of any and proved true to recognized test until his Death in 1999.
Asif Amin was the real smith and also backbone of “CFD”. So after his death, No body from his brother took the challenge so they decided to dissolve CFD in 2002 and separated by taking their shares equally.
Mubeen Asif, Son of Asif Amin, remain the part of CFD for 3 year. After separation, he not look back and by following the path of his father, start learning the art of making surgical and dental instruments in Sialkot for almost 10 years.



In 2012, Mubeen Asif with his two brothers, established “SMITHCARE” and made his father office as  Head office in Rawalpindi with its production facility in Daska Road Sialkot to start selling surgical instruments locally  to different hospitals in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

In 2015, after success locally, Asif sons made sale office at Amin Plaza Paris Road Sialkot and decided to start exporting worldwide. All the operation regarding export will be handle through Sialkot office.


SmithCare as the name suggest“We are the Smith and we know how to care our customer in every field of life because we are caring worldwide since 1823”.

Our vision is “to become the leading manufacturer worldwide by providing the most precision and innovative surgical instruments to serve healthcare industry


SmithCare is solely owned Pakistan based manufacturing company with highly skilled craftsmanship, integrated with the most advance equipment, form finest quality raw material available to provide the progressive surgeon top quality medical specialty instruments in performing the most delicate medical procedures and committed to:

  • Developing customized instruments to help individual surgeon achieved the best results using their desired techniques.
  • Producing innovative instruments of trusted quality consistently to support new surgical technology advancement and technique in the field of surgical.
  • Providing unexcelled service to its customers and leading design at their fingertips.


SmithCare offers a wide range of surgical, veterinary and dental products, including a full array of microsurgical Instruments for ophthalmology.

Currently we just exporting dental products to our customer worldwide online. For this we make website where all our dental products with our featured dental products are listed and sell online.

In future Insha’Allah, our all surgical product will be seen and selling online very soon. We not just selling online but our product will be seen on different trade shows worldwide in coming next years.