Gain the advantages of the PDL anesthesia technique with the easy-to-use Smithcare Intraligamentary Syringe. This Italian-made syringe features a servo-dosing lever for optimal control and support of the index finger. Dispenses controlled, metered 0.06 ml dosage with each click of the lever. Thumb tab allows you to release pressure to aspirate or withdraw piston without removing the cartridge. Quick-release, bayonet-style anesthetic chamber simplifies cartridge loading. Angled, threaded nozzle improves access to injection site. 4.4 oz. ergonomic design is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Anesthetic chamber is fully encased by clear PTFE plastic sleeve for safety and visibility. Use with any 1.8cc anesthesia cartridge and standard dental needles (30G short recommended).

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